Reasons to Rotate your Tires Regularly

Rotating your tires is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance. Tire rotation not only prolongs the life of your tires but prolongs the life of your wheels, and other driving components that keep your car safe when driving on the road.  Read on to discover why rotating your tires should be part of your regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance.

First, tire rotation means that you move the wheels and tires from one position to another. Tires are generally rotated from back to front, right to left, and even diagonally.

The way our cars drive causes uneven wear on the tires. Front tires tend to wear on the outside edges because the tires tilt to one side when you turn a corner. Rear tires, by following the front tires, typically wear more consistently.

The primary reason to rotate your tires is to achieve even wear on your tires. In addition:

  • We know that when tires wear evenly, you get the maximum useful life out of your tires.
  • When you extend the life of your tires, you save time, money, and hassle by avoiding the need for early full tire replacements.
  • Tires that wear more evenly provide for a smoother ride and safer handling.
  • Your gas mileage is retained at an optimal level when the tire treads wear evenly.
  • Keeping up with scheduled tire rotations enables you to preserve the mileage warranty on your tires.

We recommend that you follow the guidelines in your vehicle’s owner manual for the frequency and rotation pattern of your tires. However, a good suggestion is to rotate your tires at the same time as you get your oil changed, whether your tires appear to need rotation or not.

Come see Accountable Auto Care for your next maintenance visit. We will make sure your tires are rotated for maximum tire life. Tire rotations are included in regular maintenance visits.


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