Reasons to get Regular Oil Changes

Oil ChangesEvery driver knows that oil changes are an essential part of regular car maintenance. It has been a long-held debate as to whether drivers should change their oil ever three thousand or every five thousand miles. We at Accountable Auto Care say, “It depends”. Newer vehicles can usually get away with every 5000 miles. Older vehicles my need an oil change every 3000. It also depends on the type of oil you use. If you are using a better quality of oil, you can usually get away with 5000-mile oil changes. Whatever your belief is, or make and model of car, read these tips to get a better idea of why your car needs regular oil changes, and why this maintenance requirement prolongs the life of your vehicle.

Extend the Life of Your Engine

This one goes without saying. If you maintain your car well with regular oil changes and proper maintenance, you will add years to the life of your vehicle. General wear and tear on your engine will also be reduced with regular oil changes. Not many people know it, but dirt and degris accumulate in your cars oil simply by driving your car. Over time, this debris turns into sludge and cause damage to your engine. Changing the oil gets rid of the debris and sludge, which prolongs the life of your engine.

Cleaner Emissions

When your car is running well and uses good, clean oil, it produces less exhaust. Reducing this exhaust, or emissions, is good for the environment, and helps you pass your dreaded emissions test. With regular oil changes, you not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions and do your part to help the environment, but, you can be sure you will pass your emissions test without worry.

Improve your Gas Mileage

Oil has a direct effect on your MPG (miles per gallon). When your engine is running well, it uses its fuel more efficiently. This translates to better gas mileage for your vehicle and gives your wallet a break at the pump. Who would have thought that regular oil changes would translate into fuel savings over the life of your vehicle?

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